Essays from the margins. As a climber on the edge of unknowing, I can convince myself that I still see the active-game-play, but I am only just hanging in before falling into bewilderment and oblivion. From long ago, the mountains held the myths, fortresses, flags and armies appeared from the mists and territories were lost and gained. Shepherds, miners and loners move in and the botanist with rhizome in mind, crawling on all fours, teetered with a trowel on the high terrace of ferns. The privileged in tweeds appeared and then the working man with new ideas. Then the scampering crag-rats ruled from the chalky margins, leaving space for the beautiful brave to follow, and now the institute is well and truly upon us, bright and sexy-intravenous all the way to the dystopic world stage of commerce and bling…and the malevolence of sport.

These essays are gathered and offered as ‘nibblets for Sophia’, for mystery, for a more harmonious story, for her escape from the rampant and prodigious, greedy mobs devouring Planet Earth, and for a return home.
The key phrases welcomed in these pages is, ‘not to challenge the earth’, and, ‘not to submit to social conditioning’.
With sonic soundscape from, The Error and The Trickster. ‘Interview from the streets’ tracks the horror and bliss of habits and addictions of four girls working the street.

How many people can truly say they reside in this world?

Format : 21×21 cm. Hard covers
Éditeur ‏ : ‎ Serious Clowning Publications (2024)
Langue ‏ : ‎ Anglais
Relié ‏ : ‎ 190 pages

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